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New Bill Before Congress Would Outlaw Coitus Interruptis 
'CI is just another sleazy way to avoid pregnancy!’ says Congressman.

The Daily Fog Sex Correspondent

A new Republican bill before Congress criminalizes coitus
interruptis — the act of male withdrawal during heterosexual
intercourse seconds before orgasm so as to avoid pregnancy.

“If we’re going to make abortion and birth control illegal,” said
Rep. Selwyn (Sel) Frighteous, (R-Ugh), the bill’s sponsor, “I see
no reason why CI, as we prefer to describe it, shouldn’t also be
banned. It’s the same thing, just about.

“I mean, CI is just plain intended to avoid pregnancy while still
enjoying it, right? Enjoying sex. And that’s not right, right?”

The congressman went on to say that he and his friends, like
former Sen. Rick Santorum, know better than anyone else what sex is for, and it definitely isn’t for “so-called pleasure.”


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