Update: Pizza Store Owners Rushed to Cash In on Gay Discrimination

‘Send us your cash donations!’ said hundreds of pizzeria operators, eager to profit from the generosity of gay-haters everywhere

Back in 2015, pizza stores in the U.S. hastened to join the anti-gay movement after Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, received nearly a million dollars in donations from Christian bigots all over the country.

Crystall and Kevin O’Connor Count Their Loot

Dough Diva Crystal O’Connor came under fire after saying that her religious beliefs wouldn’t allow her to cater a gay wedding. Later a gofundme.com site benefiting the restaurant  raised more than $800,000 in support.

“We’re back in the legal discrimination business!” Ms O’Connor and her husband Kevin exulted. “So the gays can go f*ck themselves but not while eating our pizzas!”

Since the  excited U.S. pizza-store owners, and even some bakeries, joined the AGSMSM (Anti-Gay Send Me Some Money) movement in droves. Their website, NoAssPirations. com, lists more than 327 Italian-style restaurants nationwide, together with their PayPal accounts.

“Absolutely, definitively, don’t even ask or tell! I hate, loathe and despise them lisping gays!” declared unshaven New York businessman Tony “Butch” Milano, as he signed up.

“So please continue to ask your readers to mail their checks as soon as possible to me at The Leaning Tower of Pizza, Brooklyn, New York.”

He added: “I also hate the Red Sox. Anyone interested in supporting me on that? Yay, the Bambino.”

Several other AGSMSM restaurant owners echoed both the sentiment and the appeal.

“We don’t like them fairies nor them Red Sox neither,” they twittered. “So kindly send us some money too.

“Cash is preferred, though bank drafts are fine too.”